On Teaching..

It's almost the end of the semester and I have to say it's definitely been a good one. I think that teaching has taught me so much about myself since I'm quite new to it. I've always thought of lecturers as naturally gifted people who have always been good at what they do. But now I know from my own experience that teaching itself is in fact a learning process and people don't just happen to be good at what they do. They work hard and learn from their mistakes. Well atleast that's how I learned and I believe that I still have a long way to go.
When I was younger I've always wanted to be an architect, that's why I took up architecture in the first place. I loved the idea of creating spaces and integrating design with culture, art, science and technology. Unless you're an architecture student, you probably wouldn't know how much fun studio life is. Our studios are like our home. We slept, ate, laughed, cried and pretty much spent most of our time executing drawings in the studio. When I started teaching, being back in the studio brought back so many memories and I guess Im happy with where I'm at now because I still get to be a part of the 'studio life' culture.
It feels surreal to think that just a year ago I was the one preparing presentation drawings, not sleeping for days thinking about the horror of presentation day and how harsh all the assessors and outside panels would be on us . Now I'm the one who's actually assessing students work and giving them a hard time! lol. 
Regardless, I feel that my students have been very open and mature when it comes to accepting criticism. It's all just part of the learning process.

During these first 6 months of teaching, I believe that I've grown and come to love teaching very much, and couldn't imagine doing anything else(well except maybe a fashion designer/stylist)lol. The most rewarding part of teaching is when you see improvement in your students which show that they actually learn something. I mean, what could be better than that? For me it's the most satisfying thing I could ever ask for.
"Ooooo...macam tu.."


All smiles..

With my students in Integrated Design class.

Bringing students for a study trip to Putrajaya for Built Environment class.

My students in Architectural Drafting class.

One of my very hyper-active students.

So I guess next semester will be another new phase with new faces and hopefully It will be as good as this semester was:)

*All photos courtesy of my students.


  1. The Amins were probably born to teach. Doubtless you're born gifted to teach. As you pointed out, teaching is a skill and like any other skill such as driving or persuading, in order to excel you need to sharpen your skills. Practice makes perfect ;)

    "Those who dare to teach must never cease to learn."

    Proud of you xoxo

  2. thanx kakak!;) *hugs*

    i guess it does run in the family. and the quote is so true! im proud of you too kakak:)) oh can't wait for Bandung!!

  3. I'm working now and always find myself thinking i wanna teach! I guess like you i've got teaching in my blood hehe

  4. I'm proud of you too!!! kayah tergelak-gelak tgk gamba2 ni, muke ecah n muke2 student.. huwa3

  5. hahaha ur so cute in the last picture!

    n God, u make teaching look like fun ecah! hihihi...

  6. Maryam: i think you would make a great lecturer maryam!! we do need more ppl here, if you're interested do let me know!lol:p

    kayah: awwww! *hugs* hehe ecah tgk pun mcm nak trgelak lg..hehe

    Shea: it is! well sometimes when students don't really listen to you or don't attend classes it's kinda frustrating but all in all teaching is definitely rewarding:)

  7. u will be a great lecturer dear;)

  8. hahahahah i rase lawak pulak tgk you. tp i can imagine you as a lecturer haha tp gamba last 2 ekor tu lawak gile haha

  9. wow! If I'm one of students in your class, my eyes will only stick to u from top to toe. what u wear and how u make your attire so nice yet simple! love your style sis! honestly besides your dedicated teaching skills, that's part of how u make your class fun! hehehe :D

  10. yeap, i totally agree when u said about studio being very fun and awesome, i am a interior design student, and i know how it feels like to be during studio lessons. to me it's like a second home. i hope u could share more stuff on your architecture and teaching career...

    <3 from singapore! :)
    may peace be upon you:)

  11. im currently applying for lecturer position in one of uni in my town, Yogyakarta, just wish me luck Aishah.. proud of u, too! <3

    and.. i read Bandung above there? r u coming there? aww..its pretty near frm Yogya, can we meet up? ;P

  12. You're such an inspiration! I so look up to what you are doing now. I hope, I'll become of what you've become in the future as I'd like to pursue if Architecture once my foundation has been completed. Hihi, I pray that you'll gain success in whatever you do, InsyaAllah :)

  13. I've been thinking of teaching too.... hmmh. Macam Maryam cakap.

  14. oh yes ecah, I do agreed with you.actually teaching itself is a learning process and sometime we also learn from our student right.:)

  15. aishah.. ur a soo great.. i love teaching too..btw.. i'm a tutor.. and i feel really good during my class... bila kita mengajar.. kita rasa cam best sgt.. sbb mmg cita2 saya jadi pensyarah satu masa nanti.. and i love it be true.. suka sangat tgk the way you teach them.. look interesting... and i love ur style.. we come from 2 different world.. you know la engineering student..always look selekeh.. zaman saya belajar dulu pakai baju sama je.. just t-shirt and jeanss...termasuk2 tutor mcm saya.. just a piece of baju kurung during my lecturer..tapi saya sgt2 nak berubah jadi vouge the vast mcm aisyah... be creative in fashion like you.. and love to be you as my inspiration. :) all the best aishah :)

  16. You are as young as your students! I'm sure they love having you as their lecturer.

    p.s. I know you're a total sweetheart but are you fierce as a lecturer? ;)

  17. i guess im fierce only when i need to, but most of the time i think im more relaxed, laid-back type of lecturer:p hehe

  18. syarfa: aww thank you so much:) and all the best to you too dear!<3

  19. u looks soo cool la! i'm ur new reader. theehee~ u'r a lecturer?

    btw, ajr pakai shawl mcm tu leh ker? cantik! :-)

  20. career of lecturer through in u..i saw is so awesome


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