HFW Day #3 : Workout Wear

Whether you're playing sports or working out in the gym... This is what I would wear for some fun heart-racing aerobics and belly dancing which me and my sisters really love to do! Usually I just workout in my house though. Because I'm always busy and don't really have the time to go the gym. But I think this would be a really fun outfit to wear to the gym!

What I'm wearing:
Crimson pashmina from The Mines
Printed Tee from Vintage Shop
Mustard top from Vintage Shop(It's actually my sister's)
 Harem pants from The Mines
Bag from Asian Avenue
Sandals from Rubi
Let's get physical!! (ok that didn't sound right now did it?)
Check out other participants looks here!:


  1. Are those Harem pants? I love them!!
    Your bag is really pretty. :)


  2. wowww..belly dance syah next time wat kat umh tu AJAK I k =D harr klu g cr pashmina kat mines pn ajak i k..haha nk harem tuh~

  3. Aishah harem pants used as workout wear was brilliant! Cantik! :)

  4. belly dancing?sound interesting! :)

  5. thanks ladies!<3

    if you want to take up belly dancing , find the dvd by Rania, they also have series for beginners:)

  6. salam sis
    beautiful sporty outfit ^ ^
    I love those tee ^ ^

  7. Love the pants! and the hijabs is so beautiful! :D

  8. love the shirt! love ur hijab too~ stay healthy dear..=)

  9. thank you lovelies!<3 i love all your outfits, they're all super gorgeouusss:))

  10. assalamualaikum! baru jek jadik ur follower..

    pashmina tu beli kt mines? area mane ek? bole terjah! thanx!



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