Jakarta-Bandung Escape.

mIt's been quite a while since we had our last family vacation, and this one wasn't actually planned. It was kind of an impromptu trip because my brother's semester break was finally over and my mom felt bad that we didn't really go anywhere while he was at home so that's when she decided to take us to Jakarta+Bandung. And it was actually a nice getaway for me since lately I've been quite busy with work:p.
Girls will always be girls:p

This is why i love flying:)
and this!

 So we departed from klia on thursday morning via Garuda Airlines. Arrived in Jakarta at about 9am local time. On the first day we went to one of the many Mangga Dua Malls in the city of Jakarta. Then we went to a local store famous for it's leather products called Grutty. I didnt get anything in leather,but I did get myself a pair of really nice black pumps! so yay for me! :D and after dinner we went to Toko Tiga, a place that sells really cheap branded(and original) jeans!

Me and my ummi:)
My brother getting his shopping groove on. lol

Then afterwards our very funny driver/tour guide drove us straight to Bandung. By the time we reached our hotel room we were all exhausted and went to bed. During the night we couldn't realy capture the ambience of bandung because it was quite dark and there wasn't much lighting along the roads. Only the next morning I discovered how intriguing and delightful bandung was. I simply enjoyed it's breezy weather and warm atmosphere:) Bandung has a bit of that Cameron Highland feel to it but slightly better. The second day was my personal favorite because we went to Tangkuban Perahu. It's actually a Volcano site. When you get to the top its quite chilly but the view is to die for..

Subhanallah..nothing compares to the beauty of Allah's creation..

Camwhoring as usual.

 Just before going to the next destination, I went on a horse ride..it was hilarious since i completely made a fool out of myself when i was getting on the horse. Luckily I mustered every bit of confidence i had and rocked it LIKE A BOSS! hehe

 For lunch we went to this very nice restaurant and had a taste of Sunda cuisine. Comparing Padang food and Sunda food, i think i enjoyed Sunda food a little bit more:)

Terliur tak? :p
On the third day, it was pretty much a whole day of shopping!! hhhuuuhhh..just thinking of it makes me exhausted already. lol there were so many factory outlets and shopping places that were just too much to handle in a day! By the end of the day we were already heading back to Jakarta..
The Durian ice-cream here was exquisite! the best I've ever tasted!
Some random building in Jakarta.

 On the last day we went to Monas and Tanah Abang, had lunch and back to the airport. It was such a pleasant experience and I would definitely love to come again! :)
Monas, Jakarta.


  1. wah.. Main ke Tangkuban Prahu ya?Ke kebun teh di Lembang ya? Bandung dingin ya??beda dengan di Lampung, kalau Jakarta gimana? Panas ya?? makanan Sundanya itu enak banget,apalagi sayur asem, lalapan, sambel terasi, urapan, wah.. enak pisan euy.. :)

  2. wow~~ cantiknya view . especially view from the plane ! :)

  3. bestnya Aishah,family vacation..

  4. Assalam kak Aishah :) wow, so you were visiting bandung and jakarta :D even I'm Indonesian, I only came once to Tangkuban perahu :D yes it was nice being among the trees along way to tangkuban perahu :D well, happy holiday then, hope you enjoy Indonesia :D


  5. ouhh my.. best nye tgk ur trip. rase mcm nak pegi jugak.

  6. Bandung is such a nice place:) the atmosphere is very calming and peaceful!

  7. Looks like you had fun! I wish I could visit Malaysia or Indonesia... btw, do non-Muslim tourists in Malaysia get disrespected in Malaysia?

    Kind regards.


  8. Gazel: Hello gorgeous! You're more than welcome to come to Malaysia!:) Regardless of where your from and no matter what religion you are, I can guarantee you will be treated equally and kindly here:) We have no reason to disrespect any other religion whatsoever. Infact Malaysia is made of mostly Malay+Chinese+Indian and we get along just fine despite our different religions<3 :)

  9. cantik perjalanan trip awk! sy suke gambar kat swimming pool kawah ratu tu..awesome! ;)

  10. wahhhh!!seronoknye tgk!!bile la dpt p sane!!=)

  11. on lookbook u look like an inspiring supermodel.
    here, u look like a normal girl who just love to hv fun (: so adorable hihi

  12. Salam. may i know where the toko tiga is? looks interesting, the last time i went to jakarta, couldn't find any decent jeans shop at all! :)


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