Behind The Scenes : Jelita Magazine Aidilfitri Photoshoot

Last saturday we had a photoshoot for Jelita at Shea's sister's house in Bandar Sri Putra. The photoshoot
was for the Raya edition, hence we were all dressed in our baju raya. The photoshoot started of with a short briefing, make-up session(my fave bit), and there were 4 make-up artists present including the talented Anna Cherie who did my make-up for the day;)(wohoo!) Anyways, at the beginning the shots were taken in pairs and I was photographed with Shea and Yana. Afterwards we had to change into our second outfit for the spread shot of all 12 of us together. I'm pretty sure the photos will turn out great and hope everyone will get a copy of this issue when it comes out! Big thanks to Jelita for including me in this shoot.
Before the make-up session. you can see me sans make-up.
Maria getting all glamed-up.
Then it was my turn.

Tadaa! this is what looked like after Anna worked her magic:)
What I wore: 
Cream top from Topshop
Printed Kain from Nagoya that I tied like a pario:p
Snood from Maysaa
Necklace and ring both from Diva
Close-up of Anna's work, glad that I didn't have to put on fake eyelashes:)
The very lovely Anna Cherie and Jezmine.
Ami looking gorgeous as ever!<3

Maria--underneath all that personality, is truly a sweet and loving person;)
My second outfit for the spread shot with Eyqa:)

Really loved the make-up by Anna Cherie<3
Had a super great time with ma girls!! Love u all;));)


  1. aishah cantik dan sweeeeet <3

  2. Sabgat-sangat cantik korang semua. Adre mata aishah sangat-sangat, sagat menawan :)

  3. u guys sangat cantik dan manis....and i suka sangat make up u all... =)

  4. kak aishah..u look so gojes!!
    bestnye dpt photoshoot cmni..nk jugak :(

  5. I love your style very much. Anyway anna punya make up memang cantik. U guys look so natural.

  6. thanks girls!<3 i had so much fun at the shoot, rase mcm xnak balik je mase tu..hehe

  7. hey. kenal tak laki yang makeup maria tu. tau tak fb die? name die?

  8. sorry dear, i don't know his name..

  9. ooh aisha ur blog is awesome!
    check out mine :)

  10. salam,,

    so gorgeous la,,how to wear shawl like ur style ye aishah??...if u wanna share..thanks...

  11. aishah ur so gorgeous..! i mmg xpuas tgk u..hehehhe. sorry if my lesbo-ish comment scares u ;p

    anyways u pakai lens apa tu eh? the colour looks very natural n sexay... ke mmg dats ur natural eye colour? o.O

  12. wah bertuahnye klu tu natural eye colour i..huhu this colour is pure hazel from fresh look. my fave colour so far!:)) ala2 mila kunis gitewww:p

  13. hi aishah..tq for d info.. yes very mila kunis..! me likey.. nak carik la pure hazel gak..heehe.. ;p tq for sharing..


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