HFW Day #7 : Party Hostess

 It's already the last day of HFW and it's been 7 inspiring days I must say! Phew! Today's theme is party hostess and by far my most favorite! For Party Hostess I wanted to try my hands on colour blocking because as you know I'm a huge fan of colour and this would be a totally fun look to wear to a party! I love the combination of tangerine, teal and purple:) I would imagine wearing this if I were to host a tea party like the one Hana Tajima had hosted for us a while ago. Or perhaps hosting a little get together with my close friends:) Regardless, I think a party hostess should look fresh and electric and this would defintely be the perfect outfit!!

What I'm wearing:
Peach pashmina from Alamanda
Bublegum purple blazer form Vintage Shop
Tangerine maxi dress from Vintage Shop
Clutch from Dorothy Perkins
Ring from Forever21
Shoes from Angel

See you all in the next edition of HFW! Take care and have a great sunday people!=)
Oh and don't forget to check out the outfits today at:


  1. WOW. Holy shift I'm in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. We picked the same colour scheme =) I looove this outfit. It's perfect. There's nothing more to say. You make me feel so happy to be a hijabi, alhamdulillah.

  3. P.S. Could you get anymore gorgeous-er? <3

  4. wow Aishah! you pulled off the whole color blocking trend so beautifully mashallah! and your color combos, i would have never thought to even choose! so inspiring <3

  5. syah..the color blocking here is brilliant! love d dress n blazer n everything..haha for sure gonna HYPED it in the LB soon (^___^)

  6. So good! I love the colours so much. :)

  7. Assalam kak Aishah, we met on LB :) I like ur blog a lot, and j'adore this outfits, nice colorblocking :D

  8. love the colours n ur shoes aishah~=)

  9. I love ur shoes and clutch:)

  10. Assalammualaikum Aishah..love all ur outfits!

  11. kak aishah,i really admire ur style :))

  12. Asalam Ailikoum Aishah

    This style suits you very well and you'r beautiful !

    Good luck for you byebye

  13. this is cool kak aisyah :)love it so much!


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