HFW Day #5 : Jummah

 Woo Friday~ Our favorite day of the week!  Last HFW they included Eid, but this HFW we're covering Jummah (Friday Prayer).  I'm a big fan of abaya's, even since my study years in UIA, I would always wear it because it's so easy to wear, not to mention comfy! So for today's theme which is Jummah, I think this would be the perfect outfit because it's really just simple but still keeping it stylish with a touch of colour. I don't know why, i can't live without colours!! they make my day:) I LOVE YOU COLOUR<3 hehe sorry about that.

What I'm wearing:
Black pashmina from Zahra Scarves
Kimono Wrap Dress from Maysaa
Jeans from Esprit
Black pumps from Summit

Close-up yang x brape nak close-up.hehe
Don't ask me why I'm holding a pen, lol. I'm a lecturer,we're always prepared for anything!:p

For more inspiring looks, check out:


  1. i love this too Aishah! the simplicity of it all and that pop of color, oh you know we both love colors lol <3

  2. wow..its abaya? i thought it is a dress..hoho cantik syah ^^ oh ok d colour do make some statement there~

  3. I've seen the Maysaa wrap dress before on their site, but never actually on someone. Really looks great. And that pink sash is the perfect amount of color. Love the entire ensemble!


  4. mashAllah, i've never seen anyone rock a abaya so beautifully.

  5. You're always my favourite! Lawa sangat-sangat mashaAllah <3

  6. You're so stunning! I love all your outfits x


  7. love everything on you my dear aishah. such a sweet and beautiful muslimah you are.adore u so much!:)

  8. touch of pink there makes the whole look more lovely! love it!!

  9. Gorgeous as always! I love it!!!

  10. pretty black :P never worry again to wear black at noon since pink looks so helpful there...

  11. i lurve ur style...nice!!!!...can u tech me, how do i look like that...do the pasmina..~~

  12. Love ur daring look my dear...it's awsome.(folo u too) Can u teach how to wear pashmina. step by step mybe.

  13. as salam ahleykom :)))

    aaaaah I miss this place soooo much ! KLCC <3

    P.S: You are beautiful as always hihihi

    kisses from France !


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