On Studiomates..

Ever since I started working, I rarely got the chance to meet up with my uni friends a.k.a my former studiomates. So just the other day we finally managed to meet up at the curve for some major catching up!! It was so much fun getting to talk to them again and catching up with what was currently going on in their lives..so much has changed since the last time we met..these are friends who I grew very close to during my final years of studio and friends who will always have a huge place in my heart..

I'm not very good with words and even though i don't say much when i'm around them, I really want them to know, no matter what direction you choose in your life and what struggles you may face in the future, always know that Allah is the best listener you can turn to..don’t waste a minute not being happy. If one window closes, run to the next window, or break down a door..Wether your happy or sad, either way you still have to go on and live your life, so you might as well choose to be happy..I wish you girls the best and hope that you  take good care of yourself..love you all from the bottom of my heart.

"There is nothing worth the wear of winning, but laughter and the love of friends.."


Me, Wen, Sunie, Dinah, Naju and Nurul. Missing : Abie


  1. ecah :( so so so sweet! nak hug and kiss please!
    muah muah muah muah :-*

    i definitely want to take the chance of breaking down a door!!!!!! Love u babe <3

  2. najuuuu..rindu korg..i really miss that feeling of being around you guys mcm time heritage tu..nnti lps2 ni korg sume nak fly kang lg la..huu..*hugs*

  3. ecah sweet!!! love u babe!!

  4. eh the last time I dropped by here rasanya blog u macam tak boleh masuk hari tu. nasib baik dah boleh ehehi (:

  5. terima kasih dgn kata2 semangat itu. i love u!


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