HFW Day #6 : Travel/Vacation

I've been having so much fun with HFW that I can't believe it's day 6 already. I even mistakenly wrote Day 5 as the title today:p But anyways, today's theme is Travel/Vacation. This would be an outfit that I'd wear when I'm on the go, travelling from one place to the other, for instance long flights and such. I love to travel in jeans or anything thats just loose and baggy. Jeans are my choice for comfort when it comes to travelling. Plus the blazer I bought is super breezy and casual but still kinda stylish:p. Oh and of course my favorite accessory for travelling would be..YOU GUESSED IT!..shades<3 

 What I'm wearing: 
Grey pashmina from IIUM
Blazer from People's, Mid Valley
Belt from F.O.S
My brother old baggy jeans!
Bag from The Mines
Boots from Yunique Paradise

 The only boots I own!

See ya later aligator!:p

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  2. wow! this is AWESOME kak aishah <3

  3. Hey I just notice your disclaimer. I love it! By the way, I really really love this look on you, not something I'm used to seeing you wear though. But you pulled it off so well. I have a couple of baggy jeans, and this has definitely inspired me. Thanks bebeh!

  4. K.aishah : Chantik2!! I love them. Hope to see you tomorrow at Stellar. :) Heee.

  5. salam...
    u inspired me a lot!

  6. I love your look today! :) soooooo fashionable..

  7. wow those are your bro's jeans? they look amazing on you! i wanna try and pull off a look like this xP

  8. wow!! very love this outfit.. =)

  9. whoah this look looks so effortless yet still manage to look both amazing & classy at the same time. ;)

  10. yay girl power!;P thanx girls<3 i was actually spring cleaning by brother's room when i saw these jeans. i was throwing out all his old clothes and even this particular jeans when it got me thinking...wait a minute..i could totally try the rugged-kinda-macho-look:P and there you go! lol

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  12. Wow, you totally rock this outfit! I actually am keeping my brother's baggy jeans but I'm afraid I can't quite pull it off, but you've just inspired me to wear it out soon! :D Love love love all your looks x


  13. looking good as ever aishah!!!


  14. huhuu..syah love the boyfriend pants style here..^^

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  16. hello darling..i love ur baggy jeans...its rock you know...hee..

    ouh...btw..we got the same disclaimer comment form..and i hope..people will get what we meant..there are too many things on this site that men should be lowering their gaze form..and yes! no insulting on our site...all we need is loveeeee...heee...


  17. aww, totally cool! <3

    u r such inspiring, aishah..
    have a look my post here:

    thx for dropping by, xx

  18. I like your whole outfit! it's stunninG!the jeans are awesom and I adore the boots! :D

  19. You pulled this off so well. I looove how edgy this is. I'm totally going to attempt it one day. Hopefully will look as good as you.

  20. omg!! i loooovvveee it!! i think i am in love with this outfit!!! :D

  21. Espectacular look, me encanta. Un beso

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