HFW Day #4 : Date Night

For Date night I would opt for something more unique that I probably wouldn’t wear any other time except when going out with my future husband or something new that he's never seen me wear before. I’ve never actually tried the turban style before so this was my first time and (I think) I managed to pull off the look! My husband-to-be is a landscape architect, and we both share a great deal of passion towards the arts so I would imagine wearing this to an art gallery or to the theatre and we’d compliment the night with fine dining at some fancy restaurant and maybe afterwards watch a movie at home:p

What I’m wearing:
Mustard pashmina, a gift from my aunt
Lemon top from Forever21
White shirt from Vintage Shop
Chunky necklace from Chamelon
Snood from Maysaa
Clutch from Guess
Bangles from Primark
Skirt by yours truly:)

Close up of accessories
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  1. Wooww..the colour the style the accessories all r blended well~ love it so much syah..no worry will gv u my HEART at the LB soon ^^

  2. I really love this turban look on you ecah! <3

  3. your outfit fits perfectly on you sis! :)
    I like the combination..

  4. mashAllah you pulled off the turban look very well. love the outfit


  5. sis aishah, u look so different with the turban look. plus, still chest covered. nice. gaya 1st lady gitu <3

  6. Oh I absolutely LOVE this look sis, loooooovee the colour combo, skirt and everything MashAllah!

  7. You definitely have a way with colors. This combination in gorgeous. And I loooove the skirt, especially the cut. Wait, did you make the skirt????


  8. fell in love with you..
    and yes...i'm straight..

  9. aww.. lovely Aishah, really inspiring!
    the skirt and turban style are so stylish mashaAllah.. :)

  10. Beautiful outfit dear~! Loving the colours!! :)

  11. i just love the idea of wearing something unique only for husband! :)

  12. I love ur style. You always dress so fashionable but never crossing the line of what's does modesty mean, and that's something that nowadays is so difficult to find in our society bc sometimes we get the wrong idea, and we think that if we try to be fashionable we 've to sacrifice something, but you actually show that modesty and fashion can match perfectly. I admire you so much, May Allah bless you sister :)

  13. Salaam ladies:) thank you for all your lovely comments<3 i realy appreciate them! I think that all Muslim women should enjoy wearing the hijab and not feel like they are forced to wear it because honestly i have too much fun with my hijab:))

  14. I totally agree with all the comments here. You inspire me! <3

  15. awwww you girls are so sweet! <3 thanx a bunch^_^

  16. oh! cantiknya ..mustard n aqua green (is it?)..menarik! ;p

  17. beautiful... :)

    ::regarding on your post::
    " I think that all Muslim women should enjoy wearing the hijab and not feel like they are forced to wear it because honestly i have too much fun with my hijab:)) "

    Aisya...from my view...skrg di KL.. perempuan with hijab sudah makin berani mengetengahkan fesyen n style masing2..x salah bergaya mcm tu..for me.. they are really elegance and creatives......x semestinya from designer boutique..but ok ja those girl mix & match from online boutique..yeah now i notice it n i am proud of them... :) soo lovely to see em with stailo hijabi..very influential and a source of inspiration for others...:)

    one of them is...YOU:)

  18. as salam kak aishah. u are such an inspiration. thanks (:
    btw, i wanna ask u about being a lecturer at the age of 23. how did u do that? i mean being a lecturer at a very young age. tell me tell me ;p

  19. sigmazetaz: i think its actually turquoise:)

    Miss Vee: awww thats so sweet of you, thank you<3

    nurulSHAFIKA: wslm..actually i came in as tutor, then after 2months I got promoted to lecturer..so i guess i was just in the right place at the right time!:)


  20. woahh u're lucky! apa yg i tau, kalau nak jadi lecturer kena ambil masters dulu. tp i malas nak study smpai masters hahaha tp nak jadi lecturer eh boleh tak. but some of my friends ckp tak payah ambil masters pun tak apa, kalau lpas degree pun boleh jadi lecturer utk diploma students. hihi. i wanna be a stylish lecturer like you! ;p

  21. yup thats actually true:) you should totally go for it dear! nail the interview LIKE A BOSS! lol. tp sebenarnye its better if you have your masters first...pay pun lg tggi:) hehe

  22. You know, I've always wanted to wear the turban, I remember back when I was a teenager, that was in the 90's I always liked to play dress up and wrap my head around with a scarf like Erykah Badu. Then when I was in the midst of transition, trying to cover my head, with a snow cap, etc, I also did the turban style, but at that time, it wasn't as popularized as it is now, so I didn't really feel comfortable wearing it too much out, feeling that it might look weird.

    And since donning the hijab, I really wanna try the turban style again, but not really sure how to style it and to cover the chest area, and not ending up overdoing it, you manage to balance it all out. Awesome, inspiring.

  23. anna: hehe i really just wanted to try something new!:) but i dont realy think you'll see me in a turban any time soon:p i dont know, i love this style especially on people like ami and yuna, and im sure you would totally rock this look! but i guess im just more used to the 'normal' style. hehe^_^v

  24. yay insyaAllah (: i'll ask u for tips later hehe. thanks!

  25. aishah.. u don't mind if i curik one of your picture and put in one of my new entry kan?

    because i already did.. huhuhuhu...
    sorry... but if u don't like it.. i will take it out.. but i do really hope u don't mind!!

    tu la.. siapa suruh you cantik sangat.. hehe..

  26. love how you tied the scarf sister!!!! <3
    tres jealous, hehe

    Click here for my date night look>> [yazmiinaktar.blogspot.com] xx

  27. assalaamu alaikum. i love your blog! masha Allah! i recently started my own blog,with help of some friends, based in South Africa because hijaab blogs over here is scarce...still new 2this. please follow me @ imra-atuchic.blogspot.com . jazakallah!


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