Featured In : Aquila Asia May/June issue

Hye everyone! I've been meaning to post this but didn't really have the time so this will just be a quickie entry. Thanks to Anna and her friends, a few of us hijabi sisters were featured in Aquila Asia May/June issue. It was the first time I got my hands on the magazine since it's sold in limited shops. But I'm sure you can find the magazine in MPH, Kinokuniya, news.com and other stores that sell international magazines. Aquila Asia is the world's first definitive English-language fashion & lifestyle magazine for cosmopolitan Muslim women.The magazine is filled with interesting articles and issues regarding the Muslim world and everything in between! Grab one today and see for yourself!:)


  1. this is great!
    luv u and your style sis! keep it up :)

  2. awwww thanks balqis:) you're the sweetest!<3


  3. hi! maybe u would like to check out our style for hijjabers :) http://choraque.blogspot.com/

  4. kamu sangat cantik! love ur style sis.. :D

  5. I really like your blog.
    great pictures.
    check out mine.

    hope you will follow me:)


  6. thank you ladies! stay tuned for more updates coming soon! i'm working on something new!:D hehe

  7. hai gojes sys, 1st time drop comment here.Love ur style more.


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