Pink Persuasion

Salam lovelies, I know, I know, I haven't been writing as much(sorry for that!). It's just that having a baby and all, it's actually hard to find time to actually THINK and WRITE at the same time(not that I'm a good writer anyway, pfft.) I've had plenty of short-lame-boring write-ups lately, so I hope you can bear with me!

Anyway, I'd like to introduce to you lovely ladies a new blogshop selling pretty and lush stuff! Just look at this beautiful skirt from Aafiya Collection. It's made of a flowy chiffon material and it's in the perfect shade of pink! Usually it's quite hard for me to like anything that's pink (coz let's face it, i'm not exactly a girly girl) but this shade of pink is just right, paired with beige and gold accessories. I'm in love!

You ladies should go check out the other lovely stuff they have! They also sell jubahs, beautiful maxi dresses, skirts and many more!
Instagram : @aafiyacollection

Till then!xx


  1. aishahh !! namee suka gila gaya echa ! memang kalau icon muslimah, echa yang paling namee suka. wee weee. one day insyaAllah. :)) eh kiss kiss Juhd for namee. hehe

    1. ameeeeeeeeeen:)) tak sabar nk tgk baby nameee!! <3 <3 <3

  2. I never thought that pink and gold would go together but you proved it works and I like it.

  3. You match things so beautifully! MashaAllah :))

  4. Salaam you should check out this hijab shop it's so cheap! i bought some and the quality is amazing and the prices are blindingly good, don't know how they do it! but alhamdullilah! Great hijab store


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