Monochrome Madness

There are a lot of trends that I feel are not suitable for hijabis like me. For instance the skinny jeans or the overalls. But one trend that IS and will certainly never go out of fashion is stripes. So I tried mixing two different striped prints for the first time and I think it's safe to say that these two prints work really well together! You can never go wrong when it comes to monochrome. Don't you just love this striped blazer and top from FashionValet ? Print perfection!

Till then!xx


  1. yang ini memang cantik dan sesuai dgn you..

  2. Luv the blazer :)

  3. love the skirt! it so hard to find a nice not to fit skirt like this. all the ones i saw all too ketat... :(

  4. hmmm if tak mentioned i thought it is a one piece item coz those prints blended very well although differ style of stripes kn..hmm nice! oh btw cium Juhd seket..muuahhh3x :)


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