Lady In Red

It's been a hectic week(as always). I'm back at work so the more reason to look forward to the weekends!! Being with family is the only thing that keeps me sane these days quite honestly. On the bright side, another weekend, another opportunity to dress up! Ok I know I rarely wear red, but I'm going to make an exception for this gorgeous SuriSara Soraya dress from FashionValet! Paired it with a denim jacket, gold bracelet and leopard clutch. Perfect combo! If you've been keeping that red dress you have in your closet, why not take it out and try this look? :)

Till then!xx


  1. Pretty:) smart that you broked the flamboyance of the red color with the quite shade of the jacket, loved it.

  2. i love red ..beautiful on you..:)

  3. I can't believe I used 'ed' with broke, and it's quiet not quite, what is wrong with me today?

  4. You look gorgeous!


  5. Nice, check out our hijabs too, i think you will like them Hijabs

  6. Absolutely jaw-dropping. We'd love to share this with our readers, with your permission :)

    - SuriSara

    1. Sure thing!:) big fan of surisara here! Hehe

    2. Awesome! Come by our warehouse soon :)

  7. gojes suit on g2.hehehe.
    love ur outfit dear


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