These Heels Are Made For Walkin'

It's official. I finally found the love shoes of my life! It was love at first sight. I knew the moment I laid eyes on them that these were THE TWO(aha get it?) I found these while I was on my regular ruotine of stalking-for-anything-new on Fashion Valet. It sums up everything I need in a shoe. Comfort, class, and charisma. I'm definitely not a boots girl(living in Msia, I don't know how anyone could be) I'm not a wedges girl either. Wedges are too bulky and heavy to walk in, don'tcha think?. These heels are just... *smiles* So thank you FV for having these on the website!!
Also spotted a lovely white basic shirt that is an essential piece for breastfeeding mommies like me, suitable for both everyday casual wear and work wear. Best detail is that it's long in the back, covering what needs to be covered if ya know what I mean! Oh and what better way to complete a basic outfit than that pop of colour. I don't own a lot of (coloured)pants because it's reallllyyy hard to find a decent pair that is both modest and still fashion-forward. However these fuscia pants definitely does the job!

Till then!xx


  1. cantik!
    tp kaki MG mcm xkne je kalau pakai heel yg nampak jari kt depan tu nampak buruk lak jri2 kaki ni ..huhu

    1. Actually same here tapi oh well, belasah je..hehe

  2. You look amazing Aisha, Masha Allah ♥

    1. Aww thank you, masyaAllah you're too kind!xx


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