Sequins and Burgundy

Hola Chikas! Isn't it every girls dream to own these 3 following items : A Tiara. A Tutu. and basically anything that sparkles! Who's with me?!! :P

No seriously, I've always wanted something glittery and sparkling, a.k.a sequins in my wardrobe. Finally I have it in my closet (and in my size!!) thanks to Fashion Valet!! I'm on the plus size side, so not everything labelled "Freesize" fits me. Even if it does, it's always too tight in the wrong placesT_T.

Also, I get asked a lot about my height from my readers. I really am not that tall as some people might think I am(that's probably because I happen to have good photos from good angles tehee) I'm a chubby 157cm high girl. There. Now you know. I'm quite short. That's why it's so important to understand proportion and what type of clothes lengths suit your body.

Anyways, look of the day consists of sequins, burgundy and cream. Burgundy is the new black apparently. Perfect skirt colour, anddd perfect lip colour for this look! It's my first time trying FCC lipstick which I also got from Fashion Valet. Major love!

Sorry for the vain-covergirl-look-photo, I just had to post this last photo taken by hubby in our home, under the curtains! LOL. no photo studio needed! Score for le hubs!XD
Till then!xx


  1. sangat2 cantik the last picture Aishah..;)

  2. The last photo it's so so awesome! MashaAllah you are so beautiful :)

    And I love the colour of that skirt!


    1. Thank you Laila:) The skirt is from instashop @bellesvouscloset :)


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