Quirky Palette

Salam ladies! Hope you had a lovely weekend. Mine was ok Alhamdulillah. For yesterdays look I was experimenting with a new colour palette(new for me at least) thanks to my Safiyya chiffon cardigan from  Kimisonweb. Never realized soft hues of purple would look good with lime/yellow! Usually purple and yellow just reminds me of Barney(that kids show with the dinosour), but this shade of purple is quite refreshing paired with lime/yellow, no? 
I love this chiffon cardigan because it's made of high quality chiffon. It really flatters any figure because the material falls nicely on you. If you like this cardigan, it comes in 3 beautiful colours, ladies! Nude, lilac and dusty pink. You can easily pair it with soft pastel colours or experinment with bright coloured accessories and adding prints like I did!:) 

Also, don't forget to check out the pretty maxi dresses, skirts and tops they have in store for you. All at super affordable prices!

Website : Kimisonweb
Facebook : Kimis On Web
Instagram : @kimisonweb
Till then!xx


  1. salam sis,

    kat mana sis beli tshirt lengan panjang yang longgar mcm gbr atas ni ye?

  2. Love the pastel colours of the outfit, and that statement necklace it's really beautiful!


  3. Really like this combination!! You look very pretty!!

    Hope you visit me on my blog
    Best Jasmin

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