The Boxi

Salam lovelies! Heyy heyy look what I got...?? Another gorgeous handbag from SOMETIME! This one is called The Boxi (it comes in three versions - blue, red and brown with a hint of leopard print!) With a 'boxy' silhouette and great choice of contrasting colour and textures, it is the epitome of sophistication and minimalism. 

What I love most about the bag is that it provides a lot of storage for all my girly stuff, phone, tab, books, anything, you name it! But at the same time it's not too big and doesn't look bulky. It's exactly the perfect size I would say. Workmanship is flawless and it comes with a detachable & adjustable shoulder strap. Definitely my fave bag at the moment! :)

For all you bag lovers, don't forget to checkout their full collection at 

Facebook Page : Sometime Boutique

Instagram : @s0metime

Till then!xx 


  1. Cute! Shoulder strap is a must for me these days... to lazy to carry a purse freehand lol! ^^

  2. Your right, it's a cool bag and I love how all girly stuff fits in it :) and your whole style is quite elegant as usual.

  3. Loveeee the bright blue color Aishah! I already had the yellow sofina and now I'm wondering whether should I get this one too! :D

    1. You should! I love the pop of colour. Usually I just go for all black but this one is an exception! tehee

  4. do adore the glassses and the bracelet!

  5. i thought you looked familiar! i've been following u on lookbook for eons lol.. love the minimalist look btw xx


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