Hows it going ladies!? Hope ya'll are having a wonderful weekend just like I am! It's been quite some time since my last style post,no? Speaking of sometime, I just got me two lush bags from SOMETIME. Just in case you've never heard of them, Sometime is basically a group of talented designers from all across Asia, including Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, and even all the way to Malaysia! They design and produce high street fashion handbags at super affordable prices. I love that every bag has it's own character and not your typical everyday bag design.

A hot trend now is Lucite accessories, so boy was I happy to get my hands on this gorgeous baby! It's the Loranne bag in green. I'm really in love the design, particularly the lucite cover that's obviously transparent yet still providing storage privacy with a solid inner layer. Also the illusion of a perspective was a brilliant idea! Very architectural! Oh and it also comes with a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap! :)

Oh and did you know? Sometime has a design team that flies around Asia just to collaborate with fashion designers and icons to produce these exclusive handbags! Some local collaborations include the likes of Vivy Yusof, Maria Elena And Christy Ng. All their bags are made affordable because they are produced in their very own workshop/factory. They believe thet designer handbags don't have to cost a bomb!(I couldn't agree more! I mean, who doesn't love a good bargain right?) Although these handbags are made affordable, they are only produced in a limited quantity to ensure exclusivity!

If you like what you see, then be sure to check out their full collection and exclusively buy which one you like only at

Also, like them on Facebook for more latest updates! : !

Till then! xx


  1. Love it ur style sis.♡adore that cute bag

  2. lawa bag sometimes tu..dah lama ushaa cuma tak terbeli-beli lagi.wuuuu~~

  3. Ahhh love it! I was recently looking at transparent bags myself! And you look as cute as a button Aishaaaa!! Xxxx

  4. bag tu memang cantik..suka dgn rekaan dia..btw you look gorgeous Aishah..;)

  5. Hot mama ! Gosh ! i really love your style sis !

    1. awww thank you! you should see me in person though. looking like that actually requires effort & time. I usually look like a slob in real life. LOL

  6. Nice elegance looking bag! :)

  7. I like that bag its funky and slightly retro! :D Are you going to be doing anymore giveaways? I never got to enter last time! :(

  8. InsyaAllah, i do plan to do another one in the future! probably after i give birth though, LOL:)

  9. hye dear, i'm actually struck at your blouse/dress! gosh i love the colors..can you please let me know where did you get those? XXxxx :)


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