South Korea : Day 5

My puffy pregnant face. hehe hubby calls it my 'muka keibuan' face
On our last day in Korea, we went to a few places that we initially had set to visit on day 1. These places incuded The Gyeongbok Palace, National Folk Muzeum and The Blue House.

Gyeongbok Palace
National Folk Muzeum

We had a lovely time in Korea, and what I can sum up from the trip is that Koreans are very nice people and they love their coffee, they have very clean public toilets(really wish we had that in Malaysia!!), and are very healthy active people! I was inspired during my trip to Korea seeing all the old folks still very active and strong. And all the Koreans I saw were all so lean and slim! Even our tourist guide looked like he was only 40 but his real age was actually 50 plus!

Another thing that grabbed my attention is the fact that there are very little Muslims in Korea. From what our tourist guide told us, a lot of koreans believe in God, but they don't have any religion. Thats why they seem to celebrate everything there (CNY, Christmas, etc) And I could never forget what our tourist guide said to us on the bus. " I think Muslims don't enjoy themselves, when I was young, I partied, I drank, was with a lot of women and really enjoyed myself and was happy". Honestly I wasn't very surpised at his perception since I assumed he never received any dakwah from other Muslims and doesn't know that much about Muslims. This was clearly a wake up call and indicator that the Muslim ummah(especially the young & knowledgable) should work together to spread dakwah to countries and people that know so little about Islam. Clearly a Muslim's idea of happiness is very different from what he potrayed as enjoyment and happiness. We told him we enjoy ourselves all the time, just in a different way, according to different guidelines. And he seemed to respect our ways, MasyaAllah. I hope and pray that Allah swt will give this kind man the gift of hidayah & Islam one day, ameen:) Korea is a wonderful place to visit and I would definitely come back again if given the chance, insyaAllah!

Till then!xx


  1. Oh my.i hope one day I will go to korea..huhuhu.jelly

    1. You should! its a lovely place, especially during spring:)

  2. : waaaa!i really want to go to Korea! >.< in the future, i hope. >.<

    and baby bump is so cute! <3

  3. I noticed that there were not many Muslims in Korea too.. and sooo many people have no idea about our religion! So many people are curious and really kind about asking. Subhan'Allah

    1. IKR? it's sad to know this..and i feel guilty at the same time..shows that we Muslims arent quite doing a good job at spreading Islam or making any effort to give basic dakwah. :(

  4. hi, may i ask 1 question here, what's the name of the tourist guide?

  5. Saya berninat nak pergi ke korea dgn kembara sufi... Cuma nak tanya servis dia ok tak.... Sbb saya tak pernah pergi dgn travel ni...


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