Spring Staples

This look was inspired by spring because spring means vacation time!! Except that it's always "spring" here in hot sunny Malaysia so I guess we should vacation all year lol. This is what I would wear on my make believe spring vacation. 

Straw bags are a must-have this season, I love the woven textured straw/rafia/rattan details that instantly give a happy-picnic-ky(is that even a word?) feel to it. Go for strappy heels if you're a heels kinda gal like me, or you can always just opt for slip-ons for more comfort. Also, what better time to wear hats than the hot sunny weather lah! 

I went with a green top just because I checked my wardrobe and I realized I don't even have anything in green, like for real. I love experimenting with colors, especially with ones I don't usually wear. Sometimes other colors will surprisingly suit you better when you least expect. So always get out of your comfort (colour) zone and don't forget to have fun with it!

Edit: Sorry for the bad photoshopping in some photos. When you weigh more than 60kilos, some things are bound to "melimpah" keluar:p 

Sunnies : Forever21
Hat & Top : Shopee
Pants : H&M
Bag : SemuaSummer
Heels ; Mel&Molly