Light It Up Blue

April is Autism Awareness Month, and in support of the autism community, lets #LightItUpBlue (wear blue)! So I put together this blue look to support by the cause. My son Juhd who is turning 5 this year was diagnosed with moderate autism when he was 3 and is still non verbal. This cause means a lot to me because I want a create a more accepting world for people with autism. By spreading awareness and educating the public about autism, hopefully we can make people understand why kids with autism behave the way they do. When people understand, its easier for people to accept and help kids with autism live a better life. Please watch THIS video, I think its a really good video that explains how different every child on the spectrum is.  

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Scarf : Duckscarves
Shirt : LoveToDress
Coat & Skirt : Shopee
Bag : Velvet
Heels : River Island


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