Cool Lilac

Lilac has been a popular color choice this season and I couldn't help but to get my hands on a whole bunch of lilac pieces as well. I have to admit, sometimes I do love following trends, but as a hijabi it's crucial that I filter out trends that don't go well with my hijab. A major trend I'm really into currently is the sock boot! If you've ever bought skirts that were a tad bit too short or those awkward-length midi dresses, this is the perfect modest option for you. 

When I was putting together this look I was thinking of Brooklyn and metal tones so that's kind of the inspiration behind it. For accessories, I find it easier to go with the same colour group to create a balanced look so I went for all-grey toned accessories. Also grey is my favorite colour so...haha #excuses

Scarf : Duckscarves
Sunnies : Shopee
Shirt : Lovetodress
Sweater & Bag : H&M
Skirt : Kodz 
Sock Boots : Dorothy Perkins