70s Paisley

I've been seeing more and more of seventies references on the runway this year and it's fast becoming a trend all over. From crochet to bright prints to suede and corduroy, the seventies is a celebration of mixed styles! When I picture the seventies, I think of retro, punks, hippies and bohemian chic. The colors that come to mind are warm earth tones- from shades of brown like chesnut, khaki and tan to mustard and antique red.   

If you want to go a little extra, you could always add some tassels or or fringes to the look. I wanted to pair this top with denim bell bottoms but I figured this skirt would be a more modest option since I had my top tucked in (and my jeans are kinda tight so gotta keep it halal ya'll!xD)


Sunnies: Forever21
Top : One-Ra
Belt : H&M
Skirt : Aere
Bag : Velvet
Shoes :ChristyNg