Kanebo Lunasol 15th Anniversary

Earlier this month I attended Kanebo Lunasol's 15th anniversary at the Kampachi restaurant located at Plaza 33 Petaling Jaya. Lunasol from Kanebo Cosmetics is a popular and innovative makeup brand originating from Japan since 1999. The makeup brand has been extremely well received by Malaysian women who seek to enhance their natural beauty and inner confidence!

Lunasol holds true to a concept that truly understands what it takes to be beautiful. Inspired by the Japanese culture, Lunasol combines refined traditions with modern technology. As a result, women who choose this makeup brand are able to exude beauty from within and carry a natural glow. 

Lunasol is the combination of the words Luna(moon) and Sol(sun). Playing with the concept of light and shadow, response and motion, it portrays the many mysteries a women possesses.

Upon arriving to the venue, I was warmly ushered inside and was entertained by the plucking sounds of the Koto, a traditional Japanese musical instrument. As I walked around, there were stations with origami demonstrations and not forgetting the Furoshiki.

After stepping away from the stations, my attention was easily diverted to the amazing range of cosmetic products on the display. I simply couldn't wait to try it on my own!

This set in particular(above picture) had me really interested : The Kanebo Lunasol 15th Anniversary Makeup Palette. It is the latest product that was designed especially to commemorate this 15th year anniversary of Kanebo Lunasol. The retail price is RM368 and is already available since March 2014!

The set comprises of different beige tones, perfect to for a natural look that emphasis on natural skin beauty. This is definitely a must-have makeup set for makeup addicts who love to experiment with makeup and love a beautiful natural finish. The palette also features 6 coloured eyeshadows, a micro finished pressed powder, the duo cheeks blusher, the liquid lips lipstick and high stylized mascara. everything you need ll in one set! how convenient! The palette is even encased in an elegant golden pouch.

From right, my sister Fatimah, Ami and Jezmine:)

Representatives from Kanebo Lunasol showing us the new products which re already available for purchase.

Beautiful Nadia Heng, former Miss Malaysia and hostess with the most-est!

During the launch, CEO of Kanebo Cosmetics Malaysia,  Mr.Masahiro Yamasaki took the opportunity to thank guests, including members of the media, blogger(that's me!), makeup artists, VIP guests and business partners for their never ending support.

Afterwards, guests were entertained with a host of activities during the launch, which carried the main theme of tradition meets modernity. To experience the key philosophy behind Lunasol, guests were taken to a unique journey to experience the refinement of Japanese art and culture performances.

It was  lovely event and we were served with the best set of Sushi and Japanese food I've ever tasted! thank you for having me and I wish Kanebo Lunasol all the best in the future! Oh and before I forget, they are having a giveaway and a contest!


They are currently giving away products for 15 days (it just started Tuesday!)
Everyday is a different product, so you guys would have to look out on the page to find out what's the Product of the Day. You can read more about the details HERE


The grand prize for this contest is a trip for two to Japan! Oh my God! How exciting right!? All you need to do is follow these instructions:

1. Spend RM400 and above of Kanebo products and receive ONE stamp.
2. Collect 10 stamps
3. Submit your completed kanebo Passport (with 10 stamps) to a Kanebo counter near you and you'll be entitled to join the Kanebo Passport lucky draw.

*Earn BONUS stamps when you purchase any of the Anniversary items!
**Terms and conditions apply : READ HERE

You guys can also follow their social media sites for latest updates!

Website : Kanebo Lunasol
Facebook : Kanebo

Lunasol is currently available at 40 Kanebo outlets in major department stores and salons in Malaysia.

Till then!xx


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