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Salam salam! Happy weekend!! How y'all doing? I've been grrrrrrrrrrrreat!(wow someone's in a good mood). Must be my brand new Zakwan Anuar pants from Fashion Valet. I've been scouting for a nice pair of wide leg pants since forever and I've finally found the perfect pair at last.

I think this type of pants suit me very well and add inches to my height!(ok who am I kidding, I'm wearing heels bahaha). But it definitely is a more modest choice if you're in the mood for pants. I love palazzos but they usually make me even more 'bulky' than I alredy am. I think these pants make me look taller and more importantly, slimmer!!

Btw Fashion Valet just came out with their Back To Basics collection. Loads of stuff you'd love I'm sure! From basic tops, to maxi dresses to cool blazers like the one I'm wearing in the below photo.

It's still hazey here in Malaysia, so to my fellow Malaysians, don't forget to wear your masks if you go out and drink plenty of water ok!
Till then!xx


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