Juhd's Aqiqah

On the 4th day of Syawal (7th day after Juhd was born) we had an aqiqah ceremony at home for Juhd with some close friends and family. It was a beautiful day filled with laughter, love and prayers for our little bundle of joy. I coulnd't be happier to have spent this years eidulfitri with a new addition to our family. Obviously we had Juhd's hair shaved off (it's sunnah to do so for newborn babies) and now he's a baldie! Tehee. I hope his hair grows quicker because I really miss seeing him with hair. Shcoooo much cuter! (Don't worry Juhd, you're still a cutie without hair and mommy loves you!)

 My little Juhd bug<3
 Ok I just noticed his outfit totally matches my blog header!
"I'm hungry mommy...milk please!!"
 My heart & soul<3

Ok, to be completely honest I only had the chance to dress all fancy in my raya outfit on the 4th day of Raya. First 3 days I was in my kain batik and t-shirt because I just really didn't feel like dressing up. I was really just enjoying taking care of Juhd, I wasn't really in the Raya mood.

We went all colour-themed for our first little family photo together<3 My beautiful dress and necklace are both from FashionValet. I actually have this dress in blue but I kinda love the design so much I just had to get it in another colour! Oh and what better way to celebrate loosing all that pregnancy weight, no? :P

Instagram : @fashionvaletcom

Facebook : FashionValet.com

Till then!xx


  1. So cute....Masha' Allah..may Allah bless u.

  2. So beautiful mashAllah! Congratulations!


  3. Masha Allah.. Beautiful Aishah. May Allah bless you and your family ♥

  4. How cute!!! Lovely photos, AlhamduliAllah your up and healthy and your baby is too, what a lovely addition to the world ^_^

  5. Your dress is so so beautiful, but that baby it's even more handsome MashaAllah, May Allah grant him a life full of hapinness!


  6. such a cute baby.. :)


  7. Thank you for all the lovely duaas<3 ameeeenn.. Jazakallah khair<3 <3

  8. Masha Allah..happily ever after! Tahniah on your new baby born, my dear sister.. Congrats again, Beautiful Mommy...(:


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