Blurred Lines

Salam lovelies..! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. I had a great day yesterday meeting(however briefly) the lovely Mayya a.k.a The Sewist but will blog about that later insyaAllah!:)

Previously I got this EmelbyMelindaLooi kurung set from FashionValet which I looooooved so much but never got the chance to wear during raya because I was practically in my confinement. Now that raya is over I figured I should do some mix & matching to get a more casual outfit since I don't want to put it to waste! So I paired the top with a volume skirt, black scarf and a printed clutch. Simple and bold. Which is very typical me. Teehee.

Btw there's a 30% end of season sale going on at FashionValet so what are you waiting for!! Go check ittttt! Till then!xx


  1. So beautiful! You're my fashion idol!

  2. You look so beautiful MashaAllah! I like that top and the bag it's awesome!


  3. Aishah, you are amazing ma sha Allah, love the style as always


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