Islamic Fashion Festival 2012

Earlier today I attended the 2012 Islamic Fashion Festival (IFF) at JW Marriott KL, organized by AMAED (Association of Muslim Apparel Entrepreneurs & Designers). Apparently I didn't get the memo cause I was so not dressed according to the tribal/safari/hakunamatata theme. Oh well, at least my necklace had hints of aztec geometry, ha! :D And thanks to the help of GPS, we managed to reach the event on time!
My partner in crime, Ami Schaheera :p
Loved the theme & deco. Host of the day : Elaine Daly
Ma girls Ami & Shea. We sat right next to the stage and totally had the spotlight in our faces. me likes! lol. and please ignore my awkward expression.
Super fly collection from AMMARA HIJABI. Looooved their collection the most!<3 young & fresh! 

Another favorite, ALLYA MYSARA, you've probably seen a lot of their clothes in Hijabista, very talented and friendly designers, these two:D
My fave picks. From left : Hajaba. Jubah Souq. Ammara Hijabi. Also in attendance was the lovely mommy-to-be Irma Hasmie<3 *gambar curik dari Shea:P
Hehehehe. Nuff said.
I've gained so much weight:( gahhh need to get back to my workout routine!! 

WIWT : Orange Scarf : MNG | Pashmina : Alamanda | Necklace : H&M | Top : H&M | Pants : H&M | Shoes : Agape

Thanks Ami for the photos(I left my camera in the car pastu malas nak pegi ambik balik, pfffft) And Thank you Sara & Amal for the invitation, we had a blast!:)
Till then! xx


  1. kak aishah look awesome!! love your style!!!
    ADORE you the MOST!! inspired me soo much ;)

  2. eyyy nnt kene curi plak camera tu woii haha cantik outfit you really nice

    1. I left it in the the boot kereta maaa..huhu thwenks timmy!

  3. You look like Ginny Goodwin. Beautiful!

  4. Masha Allaah ka Aishaaah!
    I wondered ur full outfit when I saw your instagram pic, and when I saw this, I was totally stunned! you're absolutely the master of the sophisticatedly modest look. I love how you doubled the scarf. such a breakthrough hijab style~ i'm inspired.. keep posting kaa \^o^/

    love from Indonesia,

  5. Mashallah sister! I have to say, this is definitely one of your best outfit you put together.

  6. That looked great - so much fashion choice now for the muslimahs

  7. mashallah! they all women is cute looking.I like catwalk. this is a nice blog.

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  8. Hi, loveee your outfit , can you make a tutorial of how to make this hijab,thank you ^-^

  9. salam beauty, am inspired by your blog. but i would plz want tutorial of how you put you necklace in btween the hijab :)

  10. Salaam you look nice! Love from Paro

  11. A.s,
    What a gorgeous outfit mashallah! Love your log, make sure to check out mine too

  12. Which I think is just amazing to have in this day and age. They better not get left out in the fashion world, and with these new releases I bet that they won't as these are just gorgeous. I'd love to show my ideas for this kind of fashion, I have a few in mind that were kind of based from these cheap adult onesies.

  13. as salam ahleykom :)))

    waaaw I love your look ma sha Allah, the way you wear your hijab !! wonderful !!

    kisses from France <3

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  16. Salaam,
    Nice Collection with perfect color combination
    Thank you
    Regards Jenna Hassan (

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