Guess Moments of "Smart Luxury"

Previously I attended the Guess Moments of "Smart Luxury" at The Gardens with the ever so lovely Ami Schaheera. It was a black and white themed night filled with inspiring moments. Gc is the story of entrepreneurial men and women driven by the joy of self-expression. It is about people who feel good about themselves when they look at their own accomplishments. Confident and ambitious, dynamic and passionate is what the brand is all about. 

The Moments of "Smart Luxury" captured by famous photographer Pino Gomes, featured 4 of Malaysia's creative personalities which included fashion entrepreneur Izrin Iz, actor Remy Ishak, musical composer & director Lee Sze Wan and fashion designer, Lee Khoon Hooi. Ok enough jibber jabber, enjoy the photos y'all ! (courtesy of Ami)
Host Deborah Henry interviewing Remy Ishak on his journey to success
A beautiful and modern batik piece by Izrin Iz

Some of the luxurious collection! <3
With Remy Ishak who was suprisingly very chatty and super friendly! 
Remy Ishak wearing the Gc Sport Class XXL "A Statement of Enigmatic Power". RSP : RM2,650. Ka-Ching! 
Performer of the night, the beautiful and soulful Atilia Haron
A bit start struck meeting all these gorgeous celebs! hehe looooved meeting Deborah, she was my favorite Miss Universe Malaysia, like ever! <3
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Had a great time Alhamdulillah!

That's all for now! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Till then!xx


  1. Aishah nampak makin manis skrg ni..hihi..:)

  2. I love your outfit - looks great on you!

  3. amazing outfits!! best for night!!

  4. oh ABG REMY ku!!! haha sgt segak di situ yer..adoi tang ni i jeles hahhaha..btw citer pakcik tu mmg sgt haisyhhh..xslap i mcm pnah gak kna situation cam gtuh bknla ngan bf tp cousin kot..sgt xmanner kn..dont jump into conclusion la beb nnt sndr y malu kn..huhu

  5. Helloo! Love our outfit...where is the belt from??


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