Hijabista Magazine Iftar

Over the weekend I attended the Hijabista Iftar at Putrajaya's Equestrian Park in Presint 5. Never knew it was such a beautiful place! I reached Putrajaya a little late and by the time I got to the Equestrian Park lobby, people where already eating. Luckily I was sitting at the same table with Ami Schaheera Natasha Hudson and Emmy Zuraihan who kept me company! The colour theme was brown + pink (a combo I've never worn before) not to mention the fact that I didn't have anything in pink(except for hot pink) so I went for something simple and modest:) I borrowed my sister's abaya, tehee (thanks kayah!). Also, the food was great. They served Sate, roast lamb, Briyani, Cendol, everything, you name it! *omnomnomnom*
Doorgift from Hijabista. Lovin' the bling2!
Farah Asyikin & Natasha Hudson sharing stories about their hijrah to hijab. Touching stories<3
Emmy & Ami smilling listening to Farah & Natsha's story
Natasha doing the gangsta pose, lol. Btw she's on the cover of Hijabista's September Issue! She is really down-to-earth and the nicest person ever you will ever meet!
Ami & I 
With Natasha, Ami, Emmy and my junior from back in UIA, Fazrena Of TudungPeople
The doorgifts!<3 
Abaya : Kayah's | Headscarf : Pashmina my mom bought from Turkey | Clutch Bag : Mango | Skirt : Mellovelly

Thank you Hijabista Mag for the invite and the lovely food! 
Sape sape yang dah nak balik kampung tu, drive safely ya!! 
Till then! xx


  1. nice.dah jadi penulis fashion eh skg?

    1. huhu tak juga..i write about other stuff too..anything i'm inspired by.

  2. hai, can you please share Farah Asykin's and Natasha Hudson's stories? thanks :)

  3. yup yup ecah, klu bleh share their stories of penghijrahan, if its not a sensitive issue la kn..slmaat hari raya, meh jemput dtg umh i meh! =D

    1. Eid Mubarak to you too Suzai! insyaAllah klu ade kelapangan:)

  4. I don't really remember the exact details of their stories..so forgive me if I got any details wrong, hehe. Anyways, if I remember correctly, Farah Asyikin was telling us about how she had always wanted to be in the 'golongon yang sentiasa mencari' and how we should all be in that category and insyaAllah always find our back to Allah s.w.t. She didn't really mention any specific occasions that trigured the change..I think what she was trying to say was 'hidayah akan datang pada orang yang mencarinya':)

    Natasha on the other hand said that as an 'anak seni' she had always been soul searching, and after performing umrah, she saw things from a completely different perspective and closer to Allah. I guess the transition to wearing the hijab came naturally after that, despite some struggles along the way (read her tumblr to know more! she's a great writer & poet)

  5. i like to watch girl yang pakai hijab warna kelabu dan torqose


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