Bridal Hijab Tutorial

Assalamualaikum and salam Ramadhan ladies!:) Today I'm going to answer 2 of the most FAQ from all you lovely ladies out there!

1. What contact lenses do I wear?
2. How did I do my DIY bridal hijab?

# 1: I wear FreshLook contact lenses in Pure Hazel colour because it's the only contact lenses that look natural to me, no?

# 2 : Bridal Hijab Tutorial Alert!

First I thought I'd do a video but then I figured this would be much more easier since I was kinda in a hurry and mr.hubs was waiting for me to go to the Ramadhan Bazaar!

Ok so here are the things you will need:

1. A Tulle/Net veil
2. Headpiece (you might find some pretty nice ones at chamelon, but this one I DIY-ed on my own!:p
3. Pashmina (fringes cut off)
4. Chiffon scarf (one edge cut into half-moon shape)

P/s: ignore the maysaa inner scarf i'm wearing, that's just for covering purpose:)

Step #1 : Fold about 1/3 of your pashmina.
Step #2 : Place the pashmina on your head with one side longer than the other. Make sure the folded side is inside.
Step #3 : Simply pin your pashmina together with a small brooch.
Step #4 : Wrap the longer part of the pashmina around your head and secure the end with a stick pin a.k.a jarum peniti.

Step #5 : Tuck the shorter part neatly inside with another small brooch to get look #5.
Step #6 : Place the headpiece slightly above the tip of your forehead and tie neatly.
Step #7 : Take the chiffon scarf and place it on your head with both sides at equal length. Adjust accordingly so that it covers the back part of the headpiece. Once it's in place, secure with stick pins.
Step #8 : Neatly drape the half-moon part of the scarf and secure on shoulder with a brooch. You can either leave the back part hanging as part of the veil or you can just tidy it up and pin at the back.

Step #9 : My DIY veil was cut into an oval shape(like in the picture above) but instead of placing it vertically like that, what I did was I folded it (like we did in step # 1) and placed the veil horizontally(rotate 90degrees)
Step #10 : Finally, just secure the veil with stick pins on both sides and you're done!


Thank you mr.hubs for reluctantly being my photographer!kikiki:p
Till then. Have a blessed ramadhan! xx


  1. auww sis you are soooo beautiful tsk :') really tak tipu. can you make the headpieces for me :P hihi that thing so comel. :')

    1. i want to have the headpiece tooooo!!! Its beautiful..i would like to use the net veil for my long should i buy ? thank aishah!!

  2. You are so pretty Maa Sha Allah!

  3. cantiknya..
    suka sbb tutup dada =)

  4. Very nice blog, I enjoyed reading your articles..
    Check out our hijabs section at you'll be impressed :)

  5. Asalamu alaikum,

    Thanks for sharing.

    The Lion's Claws! Come have a look I dare you :)

    If you like follow & share your thoughts please.

    Take Care

  6. Just came across your blog now and have to say MASHALLAH you made a lovely bride,sister..
    May Allah keep you happy Ameen
    Following your blog,please check mine out too

  7. Salem Aleykoum ! I really like your style ! Cheek up my new blog i've just begin it

  8. Assalamualaikum! I want ... no i NEED to know how you did your nikah hijab... hehe! Its so beautiful i wanna do the same for mine

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