HFW Day 2 : Favourite Hijab

Day 2 is all about your favourite hijab and to begin with, my favorite scarf at the moment is this teal scarf I got when I was in Sabah. I love the colour simply because it's bright and fun!:) Ok moving on, check out this other blouse I got from(yeah, you guessed it) ZAWARA . The blouse is in a delicious purple colour with an asymmetrical drape detailing which I looove beyond words! :D ahh I just can't get enough. Another thing I love about the clothes at Zawara is that I CAN FIT THE CLOTHES and you can dress it down as casual wear or dress it up and be all glamorous. It also caters for plus size girls such as myself. Not to mention full lining and materials used are super exquisite! For this entry I opted to style the beautiful blouse in a more glamorous style:

What I'm wearing:
Teal Scarf From Sabah
Purple Blouse From Zawara
Clutch From Dorothy Perkins
Ring From Diva
Cream Skirt From Warta Bangi
Silk Scarf From Xian
Electric Blue Shoes From Agape

Till then! xx


  1. Subhanaallah sungguh indah ciptaan Allah...
    Mata yang begitu Awesome :)

  2. Niice outfit. Love everything. Love your second picture mashaAllah.
    You have pretty eyes mashaAllah.


  3. So pretty!
    You look like a beautiful diva.

    XO Arezu

  4. You look lovely, you are hardly plus sized your tiny x

  5. You so suit the colour Teal - I love this colour too!

  6. You look amaizing mashaAlah! Plus size you??? Are you joking??? Never!

  7. nice! follow ur blog sis (:

  8. subhanallah, just found your blog. you're so pretty!! look at that eyes on the second photo <3


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