HFW Day 1 : Leader In Hijab

I noticed that the HFW just started yesterday and this time around I didn't officially join the event. But since I went shopping at ZAWARA the other day and bought myself some of the pieces from their gorgeous collection, I couldn't help but share with you all the beautiful pieces! You can also check them out for yourself at:

Zawara Boutique,
C-0-5, Plaza Damas, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Sri Hartamas, 50480, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
03-62010027 / 1-300-225-536 

Facebook Page : http://www.facebook.com/ZawaraOnline
Twitter : @Zawaradotcom
Blog : http://blog.zawara.com/
Instagram : @zawara

Okay so I've been super busy BUT I managed to come with an outfit for day Day 1 & 2. And today(more like yesterday's) theme was "Leader In Hijab" . I wore this glamorous-peplum-like satin blouse that I got from Zawara and it's so comfy you gotta get yourself one too!! Most of all, I love the silhouette that is beautifully designed and tailored.  Anyways, here's what I came up with for Day 1:

What I'm wearing :  
Leopard Print Pashmina From Turkey
Black Satin Blouse From Zawara
Tapered Pants From Topshop
Clucth Bag From Guess
Black Pumps From Times Square
Ring from Diva

unleashing my inner fierceness. (NOOOOT)
Till then! Stay fierce! xx

P/s: also, if want to check out my outfits from the past HFW, just click on the HFW label:)


  1. always pretty :)

  2. Love it! very chique and still comfi.

    XO Arezu

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  4. The second picture looks very nice! Pashima with leopardprint are very in vogue.



  5. ohhh fierce fierce..haha LOVE the look so much.its so gorgeous dear ^^ btw, haiyoo both cincin Diva itu sgt DIVA, klu da xmo bole bg sy ok =D

  6. Salam. Hi pretty sister :)
    may i know which zawara satin black blouse is this?

  7. I'm wearing the ORIAL BLACK blouse:) you can purchase it here :




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