Pengalaman Buang Tahi Lalat / My Mole Removal Experience

Hi Guys! Sorry this took me a while to post. I know lot of you have been waiting for this post. So here goes. First off, when I shared on instagram that I had removed the mole on my nose, many people DM-ed me asking me whyyyyyy..why would i remove it? and like "but your mole is so cute.." i know ya'll mean well but let me just explain..hehe.. the mole on my nose is a growing mole (tahi lalat hidup). When i was in my teens, you could barely notice it because it was just a tiny dot. As I got older, it started to get bigger and more obvious. I thought it was cute too when it was a tiny dot..But imagine if i let it grow even bigger..I'd have a huge M&M stuck on my nose. Not cute ok.

Also, this is the part that people don't know. I've been called names a lot like "minnie mouse", "rudolf" and "buzzer"...and trust me, it's not funny. It became a huuuuge insecurity of mine. I had relatives(who i haven't met for some time) come up to me and ask "what's that on your nose?!"(like it was mistaken for a fly or something?)..which made me really uncomfortable. So yeah..i have been thinking of getting rid of it for the longest time, just wasn't sure how. I had almost bought this cream that was sold online to remove moles and skin tags but i was still sceptical and worried that it might leave a really bad scar if not done right. So i knew i had to seek professional treatment.

One day I googled "buang tahi lalat melalui laser". And a link to this clinic popped up. The clinic was Dr.Ko skin specialist. OK before that, i'd just like to say that this is NOT a paid review(although it should be, haha:P) Anyways, they happen to have a branch near to where  i live. So i called the kajang branch and asked if i could come the day after. The receptionist said i can just walk-in on the next day, so i did.

I reached the clinic the next day at 10am and was greeted by the friendly staff there. Waited a few minutes and was called into the doctors room for consultation. The doctor briefly explained how the laser procedure would go then it was straight to the operation/treatment room(not sure whats it called). I had to lay down and the nurse dabbed some alcohol on my mole area before the doctor injected the anesthesia (bius). That was the only slightly painful part. I didn't feel a thing for the rest of the procedure. When the doctor was using the laser on my nose, it just smelt like something was burnt but it wasn't painful at all. It was over in less than 15 minutes i think! And later the nurse gave me some cream to put on my nose to help it heal better maybe? And I still have another appointment on the 23rd august, just to make sure the mole is gone for good until the very roots.

How much did it cost? It was just RM50 for consultation, and RM250 for the procedure (2 sessions/appointments) - but this can vary depending on the size and number of moles you have. I had only one mole removed which wasn't so big. So if you have a bigger mole or more mole(s) it might cost more. My honest review though, I was sooooo happy with the results. The procedure showed very minimal scarring, the staff was great, and it was affordable(im thinking of having my skin tags removed lepas ni hehe) . I had the procedure done on the 24th of July. After a week, you could barely see the scar. I highly recommend Dr.Ko's clinic for anyone who's still contemplating to get rid of unwanted growing moles like mine.

This was right before the procedure

Right after (bare face)

This is how it looked like right after the removal, super close-up.

This is how it looks like 2 weeks++ post-laser treatment (bare skin)

With makeup, you can't even see the scar. Let me know if you're thinking of getting your mole(s) removed and i hope this post helped you decide!


  1. Thank you for sharing this sebab saya pun ada tahi lalat kat hidung(specific kat tengah tengah hidung) and besar sikit dari Akak punya. I have been thinking about to remove it since I was 17 tapi rasa macam takpe lah sebab macam tak jejaskan apa-apa. But then bila dah 25 sekarang ni rasa macam makin membesar sikit demi sikit and I rasa macam tak confident. T.T Nak buang tapi takut orang asyik tanya kenapa nak buang apa semua.

    1. My pleasure! Thank you for sharing your story as well<3 Please don't let other people stop you from doing what you feel is best for YOU and YOUR life. Tell them, Islam ni agama yang ihsan. If your still ragu2 about the hukum, boleh rujuk ustaz/ustazah terus. From what I've learned, if something on your face makes you feel "diaibkan" then it is permitted to change/get rid of it. In my case, even when my mole is not that big, people already make fun of it because its right at the middle of my nose so it does become the first thing people notice on my face. Imagine if it got bigger. I'd probably be called a clown. :/

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  4. Maaf sis nak tanya, after laser ad kesan hitam mcm kuping kan.. Kene sapu ape2 krim x utk mmpercepatkan proses pengeringan n kupingan tu cepat tanggal. Saya baru buat dua hari lepas.. ☺️

  5. wow good outcome, how much was the cost of mole removal?


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