6th Year Anniversary

For our 6th year wedding anniversary, my husband surprised me with a short vacation to Melacca. I know it’s our anniversary celebration and we're supposed to be alone, just the two of us right? Oh who are we kidding. Not a chance. But...I was pretty sure I would enjoy the trip more with my kids tagging along so we brought them anyway. Haha. (sape macam ni jugak, kita geng!)

We stayed at The Sterling Melacca and I looooved the room we stayed in solely because it had a jacuzzi in it. For someone with 3 kids(one being autistic), it's so convenient to not have to bring your kids outside to have some water-splashing-fun, while still being able to keep a close eye on them. The kids enjoyed the jacuzzi so much, they were in such good mood throughout the entire trip(even Juhd!). We spent the rest of the trip exploring Jonker street and trying out the local food there (the cendol durian by the Melacca river was sooooo good). So much fun!

Since having kids, going on a vacation is definitely a luxury that both me and my husband don't get a lot of, especially because it's not that easy bringing Juhd with us, and it's equally hard if we leave him with a babysitter. So Alhamdulillah for a great family time<3

thumbs up for a very spacious room
See how excited the kids were?:D
View from the cafe at the roof top of the hotel.

Cendol durian along the Melacca River
Somewhere along the river walk, Melacca