Motherhood : Expectation Vs. Reality

Honestly for me, going through motherhood the first time with Juhd was quite a struggle, especially the first month! Everything was hard the first time; learning to breastfeed, learning what to do when Juhd wouldn't stop crying, learning that I wouldn't be getting proper sleep for the next 1 or 2 years, and a whole bunch of other stuff! But as months passed everything definitely got easier and easier, Alhamdulillah. It was just a matter of getting used to a new life schedule.

After giving birth for the second time with Qomar, everything really did get easier(handling only Qomar that is) But handling TWO small human beings at once was a whole different story. Luckily I have Fiq by my side and he is wonderful with the kids. But when he's working and not around to help, things can be a little overwhelming.

Imagine having spent half an hour on breastfeeding Qomar, then another half and hour putting her to sleep only to be waken up by her big brother throwing toys to the wall or stomping on the table. -_-

And then there's the guilt of feeling like I'm not spending enough time with Juhd. It does get me all emotional because Juhd is still small and needs my attention. I really do miss spending more time with him and trying my best to make sure he doesn't feel left out because of the new addition to our little family.

Me being a mother means balancing between maintaining a clean house, getting all chores done, and keeping the kids happy and entertained while keeping my sanity

I am a blogger and part of my job requires me to promote clothes, events, services etc. Before I had kids, taking a simple OOTD photo was no biggie. I could take my own sweet time, take as many shots as I pleased(camera memory card constantly full with my pics) that used to really annoy Fiq bahahaha.

But after having kids, to take a decent OOTD photo requires a lot of strategizing. Because one moment Qomar is crying, then the next Juhd throws a tantrum or needs a diaper change. By the time they're both asleep(which is close to impossible during the day) then only I can finally get that OOTD shot(also if nothing was spilled on my tudung/baju). So yeahh everything really does require extra effort when you have kids.

Case in point:
I was promoting someone's makeup services. In the left photo which I posted you will see a picture of me calmly smiling and control-ayu-malu-malu-beruang. But In reality what I was doing is calming a crying Qomar.

See what I mean? Getting a good OOTD shot isn't that easy when you have your kid photobombing you all the time. So whoever says my outfit shots are still nice even after two kids, please know that there is a lot that goes behind it! LOL

If you're expecting, keep calm and don't freak out. Motherhood is totally awesome no matter how tired or how much you need to multi-task at one time. There is so much to look forward to when you have a child. I love being a mother more than anything in the whole wide world. And you know what they say..If you ain't tired, you ain't doin' it right!

P/s: I love my kids.

 Till then!


  1. Assalamu alaikum,

    I just came across your blg its really grest. This post is so sweet ma sha Allah im a first time mum. A revert and a new blogger would LOVE for you to read and see what think


  2. being a mom is awesome! its tiring, challenging whole new world... im stilltrying to getting use to it..

  3. no wonder women are always multi-tasking persons :) you did a great job sis.

  4. haha.. gmbar tgh calming crying qomar tu memg win abesla...hehe


  5. Absolutely understood on ur story dear. I'm also doing freelance Interior Design home based with two kids around. My lil girl is still bf too. And all d housekeeping, cooking, other chores i'm doing by myself. Some more I stay jauh from my family member, no one could help me. Hubby je peneman setia. Let's be a supermom coz those yg laluinya saja memahami cerita itu :)

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