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 So I was going through my archive and realized that I seriously need to revamp my blog content. I mean, yes I started off blogging just for fun and pretty much to share outfit details/inspiration. But as I've matured(chewahh) I feel that I should try writing more seriously in order for me to grow as a better blogger and insaAllah provide ya'll with more fun and beneficial content.

Please tell me, what would you like me to write more about? Motivational stuff? Family? Kids? Motherhood? Food recipes(ok probably not) urmm travelling?

Please let me know in the comments section okay! I would really appreciate the feedback!<3

Outfit details:
Scarf : ThalassaOfficial
Dress : Fashion Valet (LoveToDress)
Clutch : H&M
Shoes : Fashion Valet (Melissa Shoes)

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  1. Just write any topics and I would love to read it. :)

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