Weekend Getaway : Kundasang & Kota Kinabalu

A quick post of my weekend vacation in Sabah. All I can say is that it was short and sweet! I will definitely come to Sabah again, insyaAllah if I have the chance! Enjoy some photos! xx

I'm wearing this gorgeous skirt by MAIA. also, check out their website HERE

terpaksa censor, aurat lelaki tu! hihik
Ketam yang paling manis dan paling heaven saya pernah makan

Till then! xx


  1. Been there! Desa Cattle farm is so beautiful despite the smell =)

    1. i really love Kundasang, almost feels as if you're in NZ! lol not that I've ever been there though:p

  2. Are those cows on top of each other?? o.0

    1. LOL!! no, actually they only appear to be, because some of them are sitting down and some are standing, so yeah..haha :D

  3. You look soo stunning mashallah!
    Love you and your Blog <3



  4. Replies
    1. You should..even for honeymoon i rase mcm nak pegi sane nnti!hihi.. my officemate has been to the islands and she said its beautiful there! :)

  5. Love the pictures! Just awesome. Sabah looks like a nice place.
    And your outfits are stunning. I especially love your second outfit. <3


  6. beautiful pictures, great outfits!

  7. woooww cantiknya pemandangan...
    dan foto kakak aisyah lawa...

  8. I just found your blog, it is lovely. I am an American, living in Djibouti, trying to find blogs like yours.

  9. I wish you could have provided info on interesting places to go and what activities to do. This is the first website that appears when you google about a weekend trip in Sabah. I wish it could have been more helpful. Great photos but not helpful to interested travelers.

  10. salam aisha,
    love the pics and outfits.i hope that u can list down the places that u went to coz Sabah seems nice to visit.thanks
    wassalam :)

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