Topshop MidValley Private Re-Opening

Last night I attended the Topshop Midvalley re-opening with the ever so lovely Ami Schaheera! hehew:p Basically the event was to introduce the new Topshop Spring/Summer collection as well as the new re-vamped store, which I can assure you, looks amazing! Let's enjoy the photos already, shall we?

Shoes galore!! *faints*

Ami & I

Among the fashionable guests in attendance.
Spokesperson form Topshop London talking about the collection

Loooove this look!
Ok you can cry now. T_T
One of my favorites from the collection!
Hands off Ami, that one's mine! MUAHAHAHA
Another favorite!

Camwhoring as usual
Love love love!
Another favorite. ehh sumelah favorite! 
This is what Ami got. dope! 
Me, Jezmine and Ami<3
Boho inspired outfit
What we got in the goodie bag. Thank you Topshop! 
Till then! Goodnight for now! xx


  1. Such stunning pieces! I have to be so careful with Top Shop - its' so tempting! :D Also, I love your outfit! That color scarf goes so gerat with the crochet top and the leather bag.

    1. awhh thank you Chaucee!;) It definitely is! I usually spend up to 2hours sometimes just to choose one outfit! lol

    2. I wish I had the time to do this! I graduate my University in four weeks so I'm on a time crunch right now. But hopefully the summer will afford more time for this : )

  2. Replies
    1. thank you asyikin! im gonna do the same makeup for my nikah soon! :P

  3. tgk gambr dr u terasa nk shopping kt topshop lps ni..hihi

    1. hehe best gileeeeeeee sumeeeeee bajuuuuuu tp i nak kene save duet so tak leh shopping...tsk tsk T_T

  4. kakak aisyah memang sgat cantik dan sangat bersahaja....
    tetap trendy dan keren...
    love the style

  5. aishah, last picture looks so sexy.. :P

  6. when i read this post i mcm xkisah sgt pasal topshop.. i cuma tgk ur pics yg sgt2 gorgeous..!!!

    1. LOL!! awwhhh you're the sweetest Renee!;))

  7. Nice outfit! tp dalam Islam xboleh pakai cincin kat jari telunjuk..

    Nabi Muhammad SAW melarang kerana memakai cincin pada jari telunjuk dan jari tengah adalah meniru cara berhias kaum yang dilaknat oleh Allah iaitu kaum yang derhaka dizaman Nabi Lut a.s.


    1. Assalam dear, sebenarnye, takda larangan pun dalam Islam bg perempuan utk memakai cincin dimane2 jari yg die suke kerana itu adalah hak wanita berhias. Larangan ni hanya apply pada lelaki kerana menyerupai kaum Nabi Lut yg merupakan golongan homoseksual..sebab tu hanye dilarang utk kaum lelaki. Untuk org perempuan tak ade masalah.

      Please read this article and you will understand better^_^v

  8. Nice shots! You look gorgeous in blue :) <3


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