Reflection Fashion Show 2012

The Reflection Fashion Show is an event that aims to give back to charity in style. They brought us  the best upcoming online designers through a fashion show by Oldblossombox, Ammarahijabi, Yasalma, Pastelina, Shopsptnkswthrt, Rina Salleh Collections, Calaqisya, Abiya Muslimah and Nilam. The event included Maria Elena as the host and special performances by The Fabulous Cats and Heliza Helmi. Special guest appearance included Hana Tajima of Maysaa, Vivy Yusoff of Proud Duck, Farrah Adeeba of Najjah, Finaz Yunus ( tv presenter ) local celebrities and many others. I came as one of the designers vip guest, but I helped my way backstage and just loved seeing the collections and models getting ready and rehearsing their walk!:) Kudos to the organizers, crew, designers, and sponsors for organizing a great event. Btw mind the date on the photos, obviously the camera was a bit confused there:p
During rehearsals

Hostess with the mostesst!:D


The hardworking designers!

Ami and I
Attempting the smokey look. This was in between rehearsals

Ami still smilling even though she wasn't really feeling well, poor baby.<3

And the show starts in..3..2..1..

Collection by Yasalma
My favorite one from the runway.
Collection from AmmaraHijabi

The Fabulous Cats in dahouse!
Juwariyah from Saturday
Also in attendance, meet the beautiful Indonesian Hijabbers. From left, Juwariyah, Thantri, Me, Restu Anggraini, Inarovi and Nurhayati. Hope I got their names right! lol
With the lovely Eyqa:)

Till then!xx


  1. poor me can't be there..huhu..
    congratulation for those who involved in this reflection event..I think it is really beautiful and wonderful..:)

  2. semalam nampak akak :) segan nak tegor huhu

  3. wah !bestnya....gojes semuanya!

  4. u are indeed one beautiful hijabi :).thank you so very much for coming.
    we are really honoured to have you as our guest
    love love from sarah( ammarahijabi )

  5. cantiknya makeup mata tu...boleh kasi tipp???

  6. Beautiful pictures and well done to you Aishah keep up the good work sis!

  7. @ammarahijabi: thank you for having me!;) You guys did a great job organizing the event.

    @nawariah: next time tegurla:p bleh chitchat, hihi

    @onie @vanilla @M.y.A : thank you girls:')

    @shima: I might come up with a makeup tutorial if i have the time, insyallah:)

    @nikisa: aww poor baby, xpe, next time insyallah ade lg!;)

  8. love ur smokey :)--aisyah u are very beautiful!!

  9. awww thank you NuYu:) thats very sweet of you. all praise due to Allah:)

  10. nice nice extremely my liking syah. woow for the skirt and arghh..suke lah sgt this look in here =) go aisyah go! haha

  11. hye... nak tanya.. mana awak beli ekh tops, cardigan atau seluar yang size awak ekh.. sebab saya pon badan mcm awak gak.. a bit chubby.. ssh nak cari baju.. boleh x email kita..


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