Nebula Skirt

Timah's Black Sheer Shirt
Nebula skirt made by me
Gold cuff from Forever21
Clutch from Guess
Boots from Yunique Paradise


  1. I LOVE your skirt so much! and its your own creation. Amazing!

  2. masyallah :) pretty as always kak aishah. love the skirt!

  3. it wasn't that hard to do, i promise:p i just cut what was originally a maxi dress i bought into a half-ellipse, sewed it and tadaa! got myself a brand new skirt:)

  4. Hey I just stumbled upon your blog and had to say what an awesome creation that outfit is. I love it, I wish I could be as creative to come up with something like that :) and then be daring enough to wear it too!

  5. Thank you girls, i do love making my own stuff, hopefully someday i'll be able to *cough2* come up with my own label:p insyallah...that's something that i've been dreaming to do for so long..

  6. aslm Aishah, MashAllah u truly a beautiful inspiration to all muslim girls, even in South Africa :) just want to say keep up the great blog posts u have and ofcors the outfit posts as well.

    check out/follow our new south african blog just started :

  7. cantiikk...wish i can pull that off too...huhu

  8. hi!! quick question, how did you make your nebula skirt? did you do the nebula print yourself or did you buy nebula fabric? thank you so much, love your blog btw :) xx


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