Bohemian Rhapsody.

This is quite an old photo that I found on my computer and apparently I just realized I rarely wear bohemian-inspired/vintage kind of outfits(which is probably why I never posted this in the first place). I actually do love the bohemian look but it's not really my thing, or should I say not quite 'me'. But I adore and love seeing girls who rock the bohemian look, especially when it's on Nicole Richie or Vanessa Hudgens!

Here are some looks that I really love:


  1. salaam sister, i love this outfit!
    i feel like you dont post very often, is it due to ramadan?

    anyway hope all is well and Allah S.W.T accepts all our prayers in this blessed month
    Breezeybee Blog

  2. I too love Nicole Richie's style!

  3. i love that last look! where did you find that pic?!

    check out my blog sister :)


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