Last Sunday was quite nerve-wrecking because it was my first time appearing on tv as a guest for Tvalhijrah's "Assalamualaikum" program together with Sue Anna Joe and Fira Hanis. The topic we discussed was 'Fesyen Blogger: Trend atau Gaya Sendiri' which literally translates into 'Fashion Blogger: Trend or Own Personal Style'. I loved that they prepared a little slideshow of some of our looks from our blogs before starting the discussion. So we talked and talked a little bit more and before I knew it, it was already over. So fast meh! Even the host Irma Hasmie thought it was too short. Oh well, atleast we got our voices heard and maybe, just MAYBE, all those critics might think twice before giving us negative comments. People will always judge, what's worst is they fail to see the good in people, and only see the bad.
Dari Abu Hurairah, Nabi Shallallahu’alaihi wasallam (ertinya): 
Hindarilah berburuk sangka kerana buruk sangka adalah ucapan yg paling dusta.
(sorry I couldn't find the hadith in english)
Before going on air.

What I wore: Snood from Maysaa
Denim Shirt from Kitschen
Necklace from Kitschen
Skirt (my sister's)

Have a great week everyone and Ramadhan Kareem!!=)


  1. cantik...sempat tgk kt tv ari tuh..:)

  2. hey aishah.. thank u for visiting my blog... nice to meet you here.. i've ever post about your style on my blog... hope we can be friends.. salam :)

  3. tak sempat tgk..terlupe..haishh

  4. thanks to everyone who tuned in! anna did record it the other day but i dont know if she'll be posting it or not, but hopefully she will:D

  5. u r beautiful.. :D
    > do visit my blog.. hee~

  6. alaaa... tak dpt tgk..ada ke kat mana2? youtube? anyway..cantek nya baju aishah.. :) cantik skirt :)

  7. assalamualaikum...
    i just want to say that i saw u in tv alhijrah..u wif ur frens soo pretty ,perfect and so more.....i love ur style...
    evenmore, i hope i can join ur group b'coz i lov fesyen too but my fesyen is more to niqabii muslimah if u guys dont mind...^_^
    k,thts all....i hope u can make more hijab style...lov ya
    wassalam.."Sesungguhnya Allah itu cantik dan Dia sukekan kecantikkan..."
    moga Allah berkati kerja kerasmu..amiin

  8. wslm...thank you so much sister, masyaallah:)


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