An Impromtu Affair.

Yesterday my sister Timah had a photoshoot for her latest Mellovelly collection and I just happened to join her and her photographer friend, Hazra Ngah for the photoshoot, since nobody was at home when I got back. Hazra was so kind to have taken a few shots of me and I ended up with a bunch of gorgeous photos!!<3 Thanks Hazra for the lovely photos, tehee:) For more of her works, click here.


  1. Gosh you're too pretty, love! x

  2. Gorgeous photos! And of a course, a gorgeous, gorgeous you, mashaAllah. I especially love the ones with the tree! Very LOTR!

  3. love the 1st photo..the effortlessly smile...

  4. cantiknye u sis...

    try la jenguk blog I.. hehe..

  5. wooow i like your pic keep smiling
    and i wish we be friend add me in Facebook if can

  6. thank you lovelies!<3 ;)

    aimie: yes very LOTR ey? lol. funny thing is the photos were taken at a park near my house, and lemme tell you its not a pretty site. but i guess when your a talented photographer like Hazra, you can make any place look beautiful!:)

  7. You look so cute and innocent in these pics! mashaAllah

  8. You're so cute..
    I'm following you on lookbook and blog. :]


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