Rolling Out For Tansformers 3 in Style.

Hello readers!:) As you might have read about this in my previous post, i was invited to the premiere screening of Transformers : Dark of the Moon last Tuesday along with two other lovely ladies who I'm pretty sure you all know, Aimie and Ami. It was definitely a pleasant experience thanks to Chevrolet and Leonard's awesome team for giving us quite the VIP treatment!:) I would describe it as a night full of excitement and fun especially getting to meet new people which included awesome people like Rina Omar, Henry Golding and the smokin hot Halenness:)

And here's a video of what went on that day!

So now about the movie! I've watched both previous Transformers movies and I have to say my fave was the second one! This third installment of Transformers was not at all bad either, filled with plenty of action but somehow I think there was something missing. Perhaps it's the fact that I prefer Megan Fox as Shia's love interest over Rosie Hunington. Don't get me wrong, Rosie Hunington is THE absolute bombshell but I guess she's a bit too...what's the word?..girly..? I don't even like Megan Fox all that much but I do agree that the character suits Megan better. But anyhow, I had a fun time watching Tranformers 3 in 3D and really think you guys should go check it out too and tell me WHAT YOU THINK!:)

Have a great weekend everyone!

All I can say is one day I'll own one of these babies.
Taking a few pics before being chauffeured in one of these babies.
My sister Timah, Me, Ami and Aimie.

We chose to ride the grey one.
Let's do this!
Chauffeured all the way to Mid Valley.
Arriving in front of Mid Valley main drop-off(the one opposite The Garden's). Talk about making an entrance!
The very petite Rina Omar and her fiancee.
Before the movie started, this guy(I don't remember his name) were telling us how we were the first ever to watch T3 and that we were 1hour ahead of Thailand. lol.
Henry Golding and a friend.
After the movie had dinner courtesy of Amarin.Thank you for the yummy food! <3

Had a wonderful time with the girls;)
Photos taken from Chevrolet's FB page and Ami Schaheera.