New Phase.

I feel like I'm entering a new phase in my life, which is a good thing. I'm working, no longer staying with my parents, I just bought my very first car. Somehow I feel a sense of achievement and I'm a lot more mature+independant than I used to be. I've had certain goals in my life that I've wanted to achieve at certain ages and Alhamdulillah I feel that I'm really getting there. I'm praying that this will be the start of something great for my future, insyaAllah:) woh0o i feel empowered!


  1. Happy blogging, Aishah.
    I'm Fitri Aulia from Indonesia.

  2. Salam Aishah!
    hehe you know me already! :D
    follow me at

  3. hye maryam!! i miss u..lame dah x hangout:P

    fitri@ thank you lovely! and greetings from malaysia!:) nice to meet you!<3

  4. Salam aishah. After reading this entry, you got me really motivated and pumped up about life! I just recently graduated, and soon to start working life, insyaAllah. I want to feel the way you do about life too. I think i'm kind of lost in this transition from a student to a working girl. I've been following you for a while now in the cyberworld. You're an inspiration to muslim girls. Definitely helped me out in trying to make a good muslim image for myself. Thank you for that! Oh, and happy blogging girl!

  5. hye dear..m nadiah..nice to know inspired by u..just love to see u..such a pretty lady..feel free to drop by at ya..n i love to learn more ur hijab style..hope we can be friends :)

  6. awwwwww..thank u soooo much aishah for dropping by..anyways, do keep in touch ya..hope to know u more..dun worry, ur blog is on my ideal fashionista..thanx dear :)

  7. Salam, Aishah! I'm Diennul from Indonesia. You're such an inspriring hijabi :)

  8. salaam aishah!!
    you started a blog, that's amazing!! :) Love your header masha'allah you look gorgeous! :)

    xx fatima

  9. akak ni gojes sgt. hehe loike. suke dressing yg sopan like you sis.

  10. as salam aishah..seriously first time tengok this picture, sangat2 amazed tau..u look so stunning & gojes sangat dlm pic ni..ala america's top model gitu..really love ur eyes!=P


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