It's Not The End Of The World.

I know this is completely out of the blue, but I feel the need to let it out anyways. This entry goes out to all the ladies who have ever been heart-broken by a guy or currently dealing with a harsh break-up. I've gone through it before when I was in my first relationship so I think it's something that a lot of people can relate to. It's not easy going through a break up. It hurts I'm not gonna lie. But guess what? Everything happens for a reason. And usually it happens for the best. As some people might put it, 'After a hurricane comes a rainbow'. And thats exactly what happened to me:) Allah always knows what is best for us. I found someone who I can truly call my soulmate and that I believe has made me a better person. At one point in my life, I realized what an idiot I was thinking that I'll never find the 'right guy' again when I was with the wrong guy to begin with! So mark my words ladies, one day you will come to your senses and actually be thankful to the guy who broke your heart! Because if it wasn't for him, you would have never met 'THE ONE'!

So if he/she dumps you saying 'let's just be friends' or 'i'm not ready for a commitment yet', don't go crying your eyeballs out thinking that it's the end of the world or questioning was it something you did wrong and start blaming yourself or all that nonsense. There are tons of guys out there that might just be THE ONE for you! Trust me. Regardless of whatever reason that person left you, in the end it's actually his/her loss, not yours. Break-ups are supposed to make you more mature. Not the other way around. If there's one(or more) things I've learned from my own past experience is :

  • 1. Don't get involved in a relationship when you're in school(especially during important years like SPM year!) because puppy love never lasts(well some do, but very unlikely).
  • 2. Don't get into a relationship that your family(your mom especially!) does not approve of.
  • 3. Don't be in a relationship where you don't feel the freedom to be yourself, ie. making ugly faces or being silly around him. 
and most importantly,
  • 4. Love Allah, your family, and yourself first before anything else.

That's all for today folks! :) Have a great day! xx


  1. yes aishah.I'm totally agreed with you..thank you for sharing :)

  2. Kak Aishah! thanx!! this entry is very helpful..
    well I also went tru this kind of situation. It was very excruciating.. The thing that I done was only crying and thinking about him! just like the end of the world already! ahhhh extremely silly right?

    trust me just let the guy that didn't accept us the way we're.

    one more thing girls, why should we cry over someone that totally won't cry for us? its just useless ok!

    p.s: kak Aishah check out this entry of mine that related to this kind of situation

  3. you really are a tough cookie!
    i actually went through the same thing as you last2 year. and boy did i cry like a baby for months! but now, i've found a friend, whom i see so many things that i love about him and i kinda fell for him the first time we met! (i know he did too..hihi)-like the song 'i knew i loved you b4 i met you'...hehee... n yeah, now, i really am thankful that me and my ex ended things. coz if it weren't for that, i wouldn't have met my now 'friend'..

    let's pray so that the both of us will live a blissful happy life with the one we love! :D

  4. Nanie Hussin: You're most welcome!:)

    Jazz Mocha: My pleasure:) and i read your entry!<3

    Sha: I love you and miss you!!<3 :))

    Shea: Amiin:) I guess everyone will eventually go though something like that at one point in their lives. and it's actually a good thing because we learn from our mistakes and move on to be more mature and happier people!:)

  5. sooo time like this,sometimes kita akan rasa,bila tada dia pon takpe as we already have our beloved family,friend.baru sedar yang sebenarnya,dia tada lah menyumbang sgt pon dlm hidup kita!

  6. awh. you've been very helpful sis :) thanks for sharing.

  7. wah... you strong girl!
    and it's really help me right now...
    yup...cinta kpd Allah is the best...


  8. thx for sharing aishah.,.great post..
    im follow u now ;)
    Hijab Kawaii

  9. kak aishah. that's absolutely true. i love the post. thanks! oh btw, i fllowed u. :D


  10. ur entry helps to motivate me now..teks :)

  11. salam..
    nice post..
    nice to know u too dear..


  13. True to the last word
    We are all thinking it
    but non have written it
    so u have done us all a favour


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