The other day I attended Gaya koleksi raya Fashion show at Publika Damansara. I came in support of TUDUNG PEOPLE raya collection despite being under the weather hehe. Both me and my younger sister Khodijah are both huge Tudung People fans! I love the basics range so much, not only because of the materials, but also because they are more inclusive in terms of providing various tudung sizes for all women who cover, which i think is amazing. I have to say, i never was a fan of floral printed tudungs but somehow Tudung people has managed to convert me into loving floral prints! If you know me well, my style is more bold, fierce and vibrant so even with floral prints, i always like to opt darker or bright colours instead of soft/super girly colors. No offence though, so many people look beautiful in soft pastel colors because it suits their style,<3

The collection comes in both shawls AND square designs! So many options to choose from that would look gorgeous paired with your raya outfits, don't ya think?

Congratulations Faz and team on your beautiful raya collection!

Here I'm wearing Tudung People Euphoria code Larger than life<3



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