It's OK

I often get messages from people telling me how they have been looked down on for their personal struggles and life choices that actually made them happy. So this post is dedicated to anyone who has ever been made to feel less because of their OWN choices or personal struggles. I'm here to tell you that It's OK. 

It's ok to not conform to society's standards. It's ok to not want to be rich. It's ok if you don't excel in your studies. It's ok if you're a struggling parent. It's ok if you're out of shape. It's ok if you haven't figured your life out yet. It's ok if you come from a dysfunctional family. It's ok if you have mental health issues. It's ok if you're not married yet. It's ok if you don't own a house yet. It's ok if you don't want kids or don't have kids yet. It's ok if you're only goal in life is to be a stay-at-home-mom and live in a small house with ikea furniture. None of this decreases your worth. You know your worth everything and that you matter. And above all, it's OK to NOT BE OK. Don't ever let anybody (especially social media) pressure you to live a certain lifestyle. Remember to always move forward, work on yourself and love yourself like you would do with a person you truly love. <3

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