Meaning in Life

Yesterday I was watching a Ted talk titled “There’s more to life than being happy”. The speaker talked about how being happy and having meaning in life are not quite the same thing. And I actually agree with her. She talked about how we can have a deeper fulfillment in life and developing the best within ourselves. This it can be achieved by what she believes are the 4 pillars of living a meaningful life. These 4 pillars include:

1. Belonging 
2. Purpose
3. Transcendence 
4. Storytelling 

Now I haven't quite figured out the whole transcendence and storytelling part, but i completely relate to what she meant when she said that people can be happy yet still feel worthless and alone. I always say that I live a happy life. But that’s changing. From now on I’m gonna say, I have meaning in my life. Because happiness just means I feel safe, comfortable. And feeling happy can come and go anytime. My purpose for now (among many others like pleasing Allah, being a better Muslim, wife, daughter etc) is raising my children, and that gives me so much meaning in life❤️ I think it really helps to rethink our life purposes so that we realize what’s important and what’s not. Because no matter how good or bad your life is at this very moment, having meaning gives you something to hold on to. Its what drives you forward❤

Here's the full version of the talk in case you're interested to have a listen, its really fascinating :

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  1. Agree with the idea "having meaning gives you something to hold on to" :)


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